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Profitability is Like Chicken Soup

By Sally Crawford


Unlike tomato soup, which looks and tastes the same from one side of the bowl to the other, your company’s profitability is not a uniform thing across all your markets. It likely looks very different from one city to the next, from one zip code to another.

Yet so many businesses look at profitability—and subsequently their marketing efforts—like tomato soup.
The marketer needs to think more granularly in order to understand where the biggest opportunities are. Instead of one approach, deployed uniformly across markets, efforts should vary depending on market potential and makeup.

Here are the key takeaways for implementing a “chicken soup” strategy.

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Brand Search Must Be Earned

By Sally Crawford


Brand search does not just appear, it must be created through other efforts; more and more, those demand-generating efforts must happen digitally. We need to engage in digital branding efforts like early-awareness phase search terms, consumer interest guided display and video.

But too many times, we see companies relying on brand search alone because their measurement framework tolerates only these late-stage digital efforts. With the right framework, however, digital branding efforts become a measurable, and ultimately profitable part of your marketing strategy.

Read more about the four elements you need to create the right framework -- one that will generate and sustain brand search and ultimately profitable growth.

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Give ‘em Something to Talk About

By Christopher Skinner


In my latest article in The MakeGood, I discuss how digital media can help traditional efforts. By being present at the awareness phases of the customer journey in the same way TV has been, digital can help drive demand and create net new customers.

It will take a big shift in how we plan and value digital media, but with TV audience ratings collapsing and people unplugging left and right, it's time for digital to grow up.

See more here.

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